caleb at 8 months

Caleb is getting to be such a big boy–here’s a look at what he’s like at the 8-month mark.

8 month resized


Caleb continues to pack on the pounds–he’s now hovering around the 60th percentile for weight. He doesn’t return to the doctor for official measurements until September, so we’re just guessing that maybe he’s lengthened a bit. Time will tell!

Likes & Dislikes

Caleb is still a chatty boy and loves to gab all day long. New favorite pastimes include “petting” (err, smacking) our dog Dexter and banging things on his high chair to make as much noise as possible. I like that he’s starting to interact with animals, as they’ll be around for his whole life, I’m fairly certain. As for the “high chair music,” it makes phone calls interesting, but I’m trying to remember that it’s a sign of him exploring the world around him. Maybe that will make it less annoying 😛

As for dislikes, Caleb is starting to compile quite a list. First and foremost: nose suctioning. He’s had a wicked cold this month, so we use that little bulb thing (I’ve forgotten if there’s an actual name for it) to get the snot under control. He screams every. single. time. He also hates getting his diaper changed and has proved to be quite the contortionist in his ability to turn and flip around the changing table. Finally, he really hates being taught how to crawl.

Eating & Sleeping

Boy, oh boy, does this kid love to eat! He will eat pretty much anything right now, a trend I’m enjoying while it lasts, as I know that picky eating can start at any moment. His favorite combo continues to be the classic banana + PB, but he also quite enjoys blueberry pancakes, black bean chili, and pineapple + cottage cheese. His teachers tell me that he has the best appetite out of anyone in his daycare class…which is reflected by the size of his belly!

As for sleeping, he’s making progress. He has gone several nights sleeping from about 7:30PM until about 5:00AM, although last night he woke twice during the night. Fingers crossed that he figures out the whole “sleeping through the night” thing by the 9-month mark…

Other Quirks

-It’s looking like Caleb might just skip crawling entirely. He really hates being on his tummy and much prefers to pull up on everything to a standing position.

-Caleb has another tooth coming in, making it a total of three.

-He has finally figured out the “mama” sound, but he tends to just utter it in a minute long stream, “mamamamamamama” a la Stewie Griffin. Oh joy.

caleb at 7 months

It’s time for another update on this crazy kid Caleb’s life!

7 month resized


Nothing new here–Caleb is sticking around the 40th percentile for weight, and he still has a gigantic head. In fact, his head is almost the same size as his 16-month-old cousin. Yikes. We’re hoping he lengthens a bit soon–he’s got quite the potbelly going on right now!

Likes & Dislikes

Caleb continues to be a chatty kid. His teachers tell me that he “talks” all day long (and at a very loud volume, I might add). He hasn’t uttered any real words just yet, but he’s finally discovered “muh-muh” and “nah-nah”–very close to “mama” but not quite. So suffice it to say that talking is one of his favorite activities at the moment.

We experienced our first Fourth of July celebration with the little one…and he’s not a fan of fireworks (yet). They were a bit too loud and close for his liking!

Eating & Sleeping

The pediatrician gave us the green light to feed Caleb almost any food (except honey). I asked her about baby-led weaning, and she expressed some concerns with regard to choking hazards and the limited opportunity to introduce him to spoons. So, we’re kind of doing our own thing with solid foods these days. For daycare, I provide soft foods (e.g., avocado, oats + sunflower seed butter, sweet potatoes, yogurt + berries), which are spoon fed to him. At home, we’re a bit more adventurous; he’ll feed himself peas, noodles, scrambled eggs, and even turkey meatballs. There’s no doubt that this kid loves to eat!

Caleb is getting into a more acceptable routine when it comes to sleeping. He sleeps from about 7:30PM to 10:30PM, wakes for a snack as soon as I slip under the covers (that figures, doesn’t it?), then sleeps until about 5AM. I’ll take it!

Other Quirks

-Our little muchacho is becoming more mobile by the day. He’s not crawling yet, but he rolls over and scoots small distances. Baby-proofing will have to happen this month, I suppose…

-We had another bout with a stomach bug this month, and it was much, much worse this time. I say that because Caleb barfed all over me one night, and I ended up with the virus the next morning. We were both out of commission for most of the work week. Gotta love those daycare germs, right?

-Caleb’s hair color changes by the day, it seems. Will it be brown or blond? It even looks a bit red in the above photo. His eyes remain the same color as his daddy’s–slate blue.

caleb at 6 months

Somehow, we’ve made it halfway through this crazy first year of Caleb’s life!

6 month resized


Caleb continues to grow, although not quite as rapidly as he did last month. He’s hovering around the 16.5 to 17-pound mark these days, which puts him at about the 40th percentile. I have no idea how long he is these days (that’s a bit harder to measure with a wiggly, kicking baby), but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has added a few inches to his frame. He spends a lot of time in his exersaucer, and he no longer needs a pillow or blanket underneath him to stabilize–his little tootsies reach the floor now! We go to the pediatrician on Thursday, so we’ll know his progress for certain after that.

Likes & Dislikes

This past month has included lots of fun changes in terms of Caleb’s cognitive development. He’s very interactive and loves playing with other babies, including his two cousins who are close to him in age. He giggles often and still loves his evening tickle fights with Daddy. Caleb is also learning to love the water; we put him in our backyard pool every weekend for a little swim. Dislikes are pretty much the same as always: being left alone and sitting in the car seat.

Eating & Sleeping

Caleb was able to sit up unassisted relatively soon after my 5-month update, and he has shown intense interest in food, so we made the decision to try a few solids around Memorial Day weekend. We’ve been limiting the options to fruits and vegetables, with the intention of expanding the menu once we get the go-ahead at his 6-month appointment. We’re continuing with the baby-led weaning approach, and as you might expect, it really makes a mess more than anything. He doesn’t eat a whole lot, so his intake of breast milk + formula hasn’t changed all that much yet. Favorites thus far include avocado, applesauce, mango, and bell peppers. He has not been a fan of honeydew or any type of stone fruit (peaches or plums).

We still haven’t managed to get Caleb to sleep through the night. He consistently wakes up twice per night; on both occasions we’re slowly reducing the amount we’re allowing him to eat in hopes of de-conditioning the nighttime snacking. Fingers crossed…

Other Quirks

-Caleb is officially teething. His bottom two teeth are coming in quickly, and he has been in some pain as a result. Seth had the genius idea to put some water in his pacifiers, then freeze them–the result is quite an effective way of soothing the pain. Raw bell peppers are another go-to for makeshift teethers–something about the texture must feel good on his tender little gums.

-We also had our first bout with some sort of stomach bug this month. Fortunately, it was over a weekend, so we were able to monitor him pretty closely, but man, those projectile vomits and poos were pretty nasty!

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