24 weeks

DSC_3844We’ve reached 24 weeks, which as my sister (a neonatal nurse) pointed out, means we’ve reached the “viability” point in the pregnancy. But please, Baby C, stay where you are for a few more months–we want to meet you when you’re a little bigger and stronger.

This kid continues to be a kicker; he likes to move around at all hours of the day now. When I notice he’s been still for a few hours, all I have to do is poke my belly a bit to wake him up. It’s turned into a fun little game between the two of us.

I haven’t discussed fitness in a while, so here’s the update: I’m still doing my usual exercise routine, with a few minor modifications. I still run 3-4 times per week without any discomfort, and my times are actually a bit faster than in my first trimester (likely due to having more energy in the morning). I’m hopeful that I can make it into the third trimester doing the same thing. I also continue to lift weights at home, with a little core work thrown in. Now that I’m past that 20 week mark, I’ve had to search Pinterest for ab workouts that are safe for pregnancy (i.e., don’t involve me lying on my back), and I’ve found quite a few to rotate among for the next few months.

Here’s hoping I can keep the momentum going for another 16 weeks!

23 weeks



Yeesh! My belly is growing by leaps and bounds these days!

Speaking of leaps and bounds, this week was definitely Baby C’s most active one yet. Up to this point, I’ve been able to feel movements only when I am perfectly still (e.g., watching TV or lying in bed at night). That’s certainly not the case anymore. His little kicks are now occurring throughout the day, regardless of what I might be doing. The not so fun ones are when he decides to do a little dance on my bladder. Not cool, dude.

This coming week marks the beginning of the fall semester and a new set of classes. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to make my professors aware that I am expecting a baby in December. I don’t anticipate my pregnancy affecting my participation or ability to complete assignments, but it’s probably wise for me to speak up, just in case Baby C decides to show up a few weeks early (and before final exams). These conversations shouldn’t be so awkward, but they are–I’ve found that people in academia are especially loath to discuss anything related to “female-ness,” particularly one’s capacity to reproduce. Here’s hoping it’s a non-issue…

22 weeks


This week marked yet another doctor’s appointment, and while it was a pretty routine visit, the one thing worth mentioning about it is my weight. I’ve now reached my highest ever weight, which is a bit disconcerting for someone with my history. I know most of these updates are pretty light-hearted, but I do want to take a minute to address this whole thing called weight gain.

Let me back up a bit. About seven years ago, I was in college, still quite thin, but at a BMI > 18.5 (i.e., “normal weight”). But there was no sign of a menstrual cycle. While it was nice not having to deal with “the crimson tide” during college, even then there was a part of me that was concerned about my ability to conceive children. My gynecologist at the time predicted that I would have fertility issues in the future; there was even a small chance that I wouldn’t be able to have children at all. Thanks, anorexia. You really know how to screw up a girl’s hopes and dreams. 

After several years of gaining weight, developing a healthier relationship with food, and establishing a regular cycle again (without oral contraceptives), I was hopeful when it came time for Seth and me to start a family. And you know what? We got pregnant on the first try. How amazing is that? I think it was the right mix of luck, nutrition, and prayer that brought us this baby. All of this is just to say that even though I still struggle with that nasty little (or big!) number on the scale, I know that being able to bear a child is so, so much more important to me. Carrying around extra weight is something I am more than happy to do if it means I get to bring a healthy human into the world.

So in summary: God is good. Food is medicine. I am blessed.

A quick word about the produce of the week: Apparently, Baby C is approximately the size of a small spaghetti squash this week, but Publix didn’t have many to choose from–so I went with a bigger one. Plus, Seth and I really like spaghetti squash, so I wanted to be sure that the squash would be big enough for each of us to have a heaping portion for dinner that night :)

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