36 weeks

DSC_5892We’ve passed the one-month threshold–Baby C is almost here!

This past week included a quick doctor’s appointment and some baby prep at home. I went to the doctor for my 36-week appointment, and it was pretty uneventful. I was given the option of having a cervical check, but I decided to pass for now. My reasoning is 1) I’m a wimp, and 2) I’m not really all that anxious to see if I’m dilated at this point. Such checks really aren’t medically necessary, so I don’t feel awkward in refusing them until the 38-week mark. So, the appointment pretty much consisted of the usual: pee in a cup, get weighed, have my blood pressure taken, get measured for growth. I’ve caught up a little bit in terms of growth–I’m now measuring ~34 weeks (compared to ~31 weeks last time). I also got the results back from my Group B streptococcus test: negative, which means I won’t have to have antibiotics during delivery.

Seth and I were pretty productive this weekend in terms of baby preparation. We (and by we, I mean Seth) installed car seats in both cars and assembled the stroller. I also finally packed up my hospital bag, although I’m having trouble finding a pair of pajamas appropriate for the hospital. I might have to take advantage of some Black Friday sales this week to find a comfy set…Anyway, at this point, we’re pretty much just waiting for Baby C to make his grand entrance!

35 weeks

DSC_5818Just five weeks left! Don’t get scared now. (<–Home Alone reference)

I had a pretty eventful doctor’s appointment this week, so I have lots to tell you. First, now that I’ve reached 35 weeks, it was time to get tested for Group B streptococcus. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this link might be helpful–basically, you get a long Q-tip poked in your nether regions to test for a type of bacteria that can harm the baby during delivery. My sisters had told me about it, so I was all worked up about it, but it’s really no big deal; it’s certainly not as invasive as a regular pelvic exam.

Next up was a measurement check. I was still measuring at 31 weeks (4 weeks behind), so my doctor ordered an ultrasound to make sure Baby C is growing adequately. When I heard that, I was a little worried but also secretly pleased that we got to have another ultrasound. As it turns out, Baby C is doing just fine. According to the ultrasound, he’s measuring at a healthy 5 lbs 15 oz, although my doctor told me that such measurements are a pretty rough approximation. As for position, his head is down and slightly to my right side, with his feet up toward the left side of my rib cage. That would explain all the side-splitting kicks I’ve been experiencing lately…

Now that I’m almost 36 weeks, I’ll have to start going to the doctor every week. I have my last four appointments scheduled, with the last one set for December 10th. Typing that out is slightly terrifying–this pregnancy is quickly coming to an end! My family is already taking bets as to when this kid will make his arrival; December 12th and December 20th seem to be the favorite dates. My doctor said I would be induced no later than December 23rd (which would be at 40 weeks, 6 days). Regardless, I really need to get crackin’ on packing that hospital bag…

34 weeks


Another week…another melon. This time it’s a “large” cantaloupe.

For this post, I thought I’d provide an update on my fitness routine. In a nutshell, I’m not running anymore. I made it to the 32 week mark with my 3-4 runs per week…then took a week off due to rain…then took another week off because I just couldn’t motivate myself. Running has ceased to be enjoyable for me, particularly since I’ve been getting some muscle spasms in my legs as of late (apparently those are typical in late pregnancy). So instead, I’ve been ellipticizing and taking the dogs for long walks with Seth. The new routine seems to be a good one so far!

In other news, Seth and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last Tuesday. How is it possible that our wedding was already that long ago?! Being married to Seth is pretty darn fun–I can only imagine how much more fun it will be once we have someone new to love in a few short weeks!

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