19 weeks

DSC_2940We’re inching ever closer to the halfway mark of this pregnancy, and I’m finally starting to “feel” pregnant–not in the sense that I feel bad (I feel great!), but in the sense that I look down and have a baby bump. Accordingly, I finally caved and started wearing some maternity clothing. I think the breaking point is when I realized that none of my shorts fit, even the ones that used to fall down on me. So-long normal clothes. I’ll see you in 2016.

Another milestone event for this week is that my sisters and I took a stroll around Babies R Us to figure out a baby registry. I must say, it’s a little overwhelming to see the amount of stuff such a tiny human can require. The potential for clutter is already stressing me out! Nonetheless, I’m glad to have the expertise of my sisters to help me decide what is truly essential and what is just “nice to have.”

18 weeks

DSC_2771The much awaited anatomy scan took place last Thursday, and…it’s a BOY! It actually took quite a while to determine the sex, as Baby C had the cord nestled right between his legs and really wasn’t interested in cooperating for the sake of the scan. Eventually the ultrasound tech spotted two little testicles to give us our answer. Aside from the sex, we also received confirmation that all his organs are developing normally. He’s even measuring 4 days ahead of schedule, weighing in at a whopping 9 ounces.

As I mentioned in my last post, we kept the “reveal” very low key. Here are a few pictures from the evening:


scratch-off cards at the ready



Baby C is a BOY!


Steel City Pops for all–blueberry basil to honor the occasion, plus chocolate for the less adventurous…


Seth’s pop

Random trivia of the day: Seth was sharing about our little gender reveal to his co-workers (most of whom are Chinese), and we learned that the Chinese word for popsicle is “bangbing.” You’re welcome.

17 weeks



Hello, belly! I feel like this kid doubled in size this week based on the size of my midsection. You wouldn’t think the difference between last week’s avocado and this week’s onion is really that huge, but I’ve certainly noticed a change in how my clothes fit.

We’ve continued to monitor Baby Cohen each night before bed, and the heart rate remains fast and easy to find–which puts my mind at ease! I haven’t felt any movement yet, but I’m hoping that will come soon. One thing I’ve noticed this week is occasional pain on either side of my lower abdomen–Dr. Google tells me that it’s round ligament pain. It’s particularly painful when Seth makes me laugh really hard!

In other news, I’ve decided to keep next week’s “gender reveal” pretty low-key. I ordered these scratch-off cards (I had to order some for each sex, since we don’t know what it is yet!), and I’ll probably pick up either some strawberry or blueberry Steel City Pops that afternoon. I’ll post full details in my next update.

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