weekend at the lake

This past weekend, the whole family (all eight adults, four grandkids, and six dogs) headed down to my parents’ lake house. I actually managed to take a few food pictures, so I thought I’d share.


Before packing up the car, Seth and I stopped off at Publix for a few essentials. My mom is generous enough to do most of the grocery shopping for the family when we’re at the lake, but this time I decided to bring along a few things that are slightly unique to my eating habits.


The kids are still a little timid to try swimming in the lake, so this inflatable pool on the deck provides a nice compromise. Clearly, Seth enjoyed it too.




I was pretty hangry once dinnertime rolled around, so I loaded up my plate. Not pictured: (truly heavenly) chocolate frozen yogurt.


Remember little baby Whitney? Well, she’s not a baby anymore–she’s three and a half and learning how to hold her three-month old cousin.


I think my favorite time of day at the lake is early morning. The house is quiet, and the water is calm.


Tranquility is great and all, but I had to be fed shortly after taking the lakeside picture. Egg white omelet with cheese + spinach, plus tomato + avocado on the side were on the menu today.


A few of us went for a short boat ride, and when we got back, there were a few ducks hoping for food. (They know us well–feeding the ducks is one of Max’s favorite activities).

We’re all looking forward to heading back to the lake in just a few weeks!

15 weeks



Another week in…and no new symptoms to report. We did have another appointment with the doctor on Thursday. Seth chose to have genetic carrier screening during the last appointment, so we received the results from that. There’s only one (non-fatal) condition for which Seth is a carrier, so they drew blood from me this time to see if I’m a carrier as well. I also found out my blood type, which is exciting for me–don’t ask me how I’ve gone 27 years without ever figuring that out. The not so exciting part is that I am A-negative, meaning I will have to have RhoGam shots later in the pregnancy. (Read more about that here).

The next appointment will be in three weeks, when we find out our baby’s sex. I’m actually not that anxious to find out the sex, as neither Seth nor I have a strong preference. I keep getting questions from friends and family about how I’ll “reveal” the sex…and I haven’t really given it much thought, to be honest. I guess I need to peruse Pinterest? One reason I will be happy to know whether it’s a boy or girl is so that I (OK, and Mom, too) can start buying clothing for the little nugget. In my preliminary shopping, it seems that baby clothes these days are very gender-specific–either pink and frilly or blue and baseball-emblazoned. 

Here’s hoping this week is as symptom-free as the last!

14 Weeks

Thanks for all your kind words of congratulations and encouragement on my last post! As I mentioned previously, I want to post a weekly update on the pregnancy front.

14 weeks


We’ve made it to the second trimester. Everyone keeps asking me if I feel *so* much better now that the first trimester is over, and quite honestly, I feel about the same. That being said, I was lucky enough not to suffer a lot of the usual early pregnancy symptoms, so I’m not complaining. I sleep a lot at night (usually 9 hours!), and I crave vinegary things like mustard and pickles. Otherwise, life is pretty normal.

I’ve officially hit the “I feel fat” stage of pregnancy. I just keep getting thicker, rather than developing the cute little bump I was hoping for. I can still fit into most of my normal clothes, although the maternity clothes have started rolling in from family. My sister handed over all of her maternity clothing (as she is adamantly DONE with having kids), so I picked out several items for the upcoming months. My mom also bought me a pair of maternity shorts from Target, and I gotta say–I wish I could wear these suckers all the time. I made a Friends reference to my parents when I tried them on–“These are my Thanksgiving pants!”–and they clearly had no idea what I was talking about. Sigh.

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