A Lot of Chatter about Chipotle

A few weeks ago, Chipotle released an advertisement…but it wasn’t just another fast food commercial. This commercial is more of a brief history of agriculture and a call to action to change industrial farming, all in just over two minutes.

Ever since its premiere during the Grammys, this commercial has garnered lots of attention from some pretty big players in the food industry.

The day after the Grammys, McDonald’s announced that it would require its pork suppliers to cease use of gestation crates (tiny compartments used to house sows while they are pregnant). Considering the fact that McDonald’s purchases a staggering 250 million pounds of pork every year for its McRib sandwiches, this change in production could have a huge impact on animal welfare in this country.

Then, Bon Appétit Management Company announced a similar policy to take effect by 2015. Bon Appétit is a foodservice provider for corporations and universities across the country (including my alma mater, Duke University).

All this attention spawned an op-ed in The New York Times by Blake Hurst, a former hog farmer.

And finally, Marion Nestle gave her two cents on the issue yesterday.

I commend Chipotle for stepping up to teach America about the flaws of industrial agriculture. Our means for producing meat on a massive scale is unsustainable, overly complicated by politics, and in many cases, just plain inhumane.

So to express my support for Chipotle and for the beginning of an agricultural revolution, I decided to dine there.

Oh, and maybe my serious craving for guacamole might have had something to do with it too 🙂




What do you think of the ad? Are you a Chipotle fan?

A big thanks to Jenn for sharing this video with me!

12 Responses to “A Lot of Chatter about Chipotle”

  1. This kind of smells like media circus to me. I could be wrong, but isn’t it true that McDonald’s and Chipotle are part of the same company?

    Not that I don’t appreciate the move and I do enjoy Chipotle, but I feel like they probably made this decision together. Because Chipotle would do nothing to make its owner look bad, right?

  2. Chipotle is owned by McDs

  3. Good question. The answer is…sort of. Chipotle was a subsidiary of McDonald’s in 1999 so that they might use McDonald’s distribution networks. McDonald’s no longer has anything to do with Chipotle.

  4. See response above.

  5. Oh interesting! I didn’t know that McD’s had divested!

  6. I’m so glad you posted about this! I had one pretty fiery comment that caused me to do a bit more research, and what it boiled down to for me was this: Chipotle is not perfect, and obviously any big-time promotion like this has PR value for the company and will increase their bottom line. But the point is that they are saying SOMETHING, rather than staying quiet or giving in completely to political agendas, etc. And that, to me, is what matters most.

    Oh, and the guac doesn’t hurt, either. 😉

  7. Ah yes–I meant to mention that you had shared it with me. I’ll update the post to give you credit!
    I agree that Chipotle’s intention was in part to increase profits, but I like that their message is getting people to think about where their food comes from.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  8. love Chipotle and love this movement for awareness!

  9. Pea Daddy and I were just talking about this tonight! Guess where we are going on date night Saturday…

  10. I am not sure what MacDonald’s does and chipotle but being a vegetarian, I am ok with anything that saves the environment.

  11. wow i hadn’t seen that before. I LOVE IT.

  12. What did you order from chipotle? That looks so yummy and healthy but I don’t recognize it as a chipotle menu item!

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