A Snuggie Kind of Day

Apart from a few trips to the laundry room, my Snuggie and I have been pretty much inseparable today. With no classes, a crap-ton of reading to do, plus cold and rainy weather outside, today seemed like the perfect opportunity to luxuriate in the coziness of my beloved zebra Snuggie. Fortunately, I’ve been pretty productive as a result of my comfortable state. Now all I have to do is read a few chapters of The Omnivore’s Dilemma—and you know how much I’ll hate that 😉

While my day has been gloriously free of obligations, my evening will be occupied by some Chi O-tastic crafting, so I figured I would check in now, while I’ve got the chance!


The Salad Lady strikes again—with a taco version this time. While it may just look like a big mess, this salad included refried black beans, tomatoes, peppers, light cheddar, salsa, & pepitas. I think that’s everything…

Vegan Thursday

Strawberry-banana is decidedly one fabulous smoothie combo. Why not put it into your oatmeal?

Lunch was a Broccoli Hut favorite: Scrambled Tofu. Never gets old, people.

Now I am off to do exciting things like fold laundry and maybe even vacuum. Ta-ta for now!


18 Responses to “A Snuggie Kind of Day”

  1. You are entirely too cute for your own good. Someone might want to snatch you (not your food, mind you, but YOU) off the screen and eat you. Not me, because it’s not vegan… but someone :).

    Did you know they make snuggies for dogs now?!

  2. i am currently reading that book too!

    i love the leopard print snuggie, it’s tres sexy on you! haha

  3. I love that Leopard Print snuggie!

    Glad you had a productive day – and probably saved the best reading for last.

    Enjoy your craft night

  4. I love my snuggie!! Here is Austin it is in the 70s and sunny but still perfect weather to wear a snuggie in my opinion.

  5. LOVE the snuggie… its funny, I have the same exact one (well it was a gag gift).. I have a pic on Christmas post.. lol 😉

    Stay warm.. today was totally gross.. ick, hope the sun comes back out!

  6. That Snuggie is awesome! And the taco salad looks absolutely delicious. I will use it as inspiration for one of next week’s dinners!

  7. I haven’t had scrambled tofu in forever! It’s so simple…but so good
    The Omnivore’s dilemma is a good book. I’m half way through and I’ve already learned a lot 🙂

  8. That salad looks delicious! I am always looking for fresh salad ideas. I hadn’t even thought about putting it on corn chips!

    And (this is of dire importance!) where did you get that snuggie?! My friend loves the zebra-print one, so I want to get it for her as a gift.

  9. that snuggie is absolutely adorable! i might be jealous… just maybe 😉 gotta love those relaxing kind of days (though i don’t think mine are complete since i don’t have an awesome snuggie like you :P) oh, and i look forward to hearing your thoughts on the omnivores dilemma. it sounds intriguing.

    have a lovely day!

  10. i’ve still not tried scrambled tofu, what is wrong with me?!? so cute in your snuggie, lovin the zebra print!

  11. cute snuggie!!! 😀 You look like a happy kid in it!

  12. Haha I love the snuggie! I’d get zebra print too 🙂

  13. I NEED to make your scrambled tofu! The ingredients are going on my shopping list!!

    LOVE the Snuggie 🙂

  14. my OCD boyfriend would be jealous of your vacumming and laundry! hes a crazy guy and looooves to clean LOL teh salad looks so good as does the tofu scramble, I may just have taht for lunch today!

  15. haha i have the same snuggie!!!

  16. i love your snuggie! I am definitely making that taco salad tonight – love it!

  17. I don’t know what it is about vaccuuming, but I really so like it. Just a wierd thing I guess. Sounds like a nice little day you have planned for yourself though!

  18. okay…everywhere i have gone lately, tofu scrambles have been staring me in the face. i am going to take it as a sign and whip one up 🙂

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