An Aldi Convert

This is not a promotional or sponsored post. I am genuinely so excited about my savings at Aldi that I just needed to share with my fellow health-minded foodies.

Within the past few weeks I’ve read promotional posts from a few of my favorite healthy living bloggers (e.g., Caitlin and Meghann) about the wonders of Aldi. I was impressed by the cost savings that both bloggers discussed—I’m always looking for ways to trim my grocery bill! There happens to be an Aldi very close to my house, yet I had never set foot inside. So I took the time to explore a few weeks ago.

In case the title of this post didn’t give it away: I love this store. It has a lot of the items that I shop for on a weekly basis for much, much less. I am an Aldi convert for sure. I’ve been so excited by my trips for the last two weeks that I haven’t stopped to take pictures, but I did take note of a few products that I can see myself buying on a routine basis. Here’s a sampling:

32 oz plain non-fat Greek yogurt: $3.98 at Aldi vs. $5.99 at Publix.

Friendly Farms Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt

I go through quite a bit of Greek yogurt on a weekly basis—I snack on it, use it in smoothies, and add it as a topping for a lot of my soups. I’m glad to find a tasty version for $2 less than what I normally pay!

8 oz hummus: $1.99 at Aldi vs. $2.99 at Publix.

I also eat quite a bit of hummus. I pack it in my lunchbox pretty much daily, so I typically buy two 8 oz containers. By buying at Aldi, I save $2 each week!

64 fluid oz unsweetened almond milk: $2.49 at Aldi vs. $3.59 at Publix.

Again, I buy these in twos. Seth makes fun of me for how much almond milk I chug down in a week, but I don’t care—it’s magically delicious (in a non-Lucky Charms kind of way). The ingredients in this Aldi version are pretty much identical to my usual Silk, although the kcalories are a little higher (40 vs. 30 per cup). Buying at Aldi saves me $2.20 per week.

7 oz natural sandwich meat: $2.99 at Aldi vs. $3.99 at Publix.

SimplyNature All Natural Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Remember when I said I would start eating poultry again? Well, that lasted about a week and a half. I’ll still eat it if that is all that is offered, but I try to avoid it. I just didn’t like the effect it had on my skin and the way I felt. I much prefer using beans and fish and my main protein sources. Anyway, I still buy turkey every week for Seth. I try to buy organic when Applegate Farms stuff goes on sale, but this is a good sub. Very few ingredients (I think I counted four: turkey, salt, honey, and water), so I feel comfortable feeding it to my husband (and sometimes the dogs…). I save $1 each week buying this at Aldi.

25 oz organic tomato sauce: $1.99 at Aldi vs. $2.99+ at Publix.

SimplyNature Organic Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

As much as I would like to be like Ina Garten and make all my pasta sauce from scratch, it just doesn’t happen. So I buy minimally processed versions at the grocery store. Typically, I’ll stock up on Newman’s Own or Muir Glen when they go on sale at Publix, but I am quite satisfied with this organic version from Aldi. I save at least $1 each time I buy this at Aldi.

16 oz frozen wild-caught salmon: $3.99 at Aldi vs. $9.99+ at Publix.

I must admit that I buy a lot of frozen fish. It’s really convenient to have it waiting in the freezer whenever I feel like making a seafood feast. I received an e-mail from Aldi today explaining their commitment to making all their seafood sustainable (<—click for the full details on their sustainable seafood policy). Hazaa! I bought their wild-caught salmon fillets this week and made them for dinner last night. I save at least $6 each time I buy this at Aldi.

12 oz fair trade coffee: $3.99 at Aldi vs. $5.29 at Publix.

Speaking of responsible buying and selling practices, I was also impressed to see that Aldi sells fair trade coffee. Taste-wise the Publix version is probably better, but it’s hard to argue with $1.30 savings each week.


Clearly, I could go on all day about this subject, but I’ll stop the list there. Shopping at Aldi has enabled me to go back to my pre-Birmingham grocery budget. You see, in Durham, the tax on food was a measly 2%, whereas in Birmingham it’s a whopping 10%. That difference in sales tax had an impact on our grocery budget. I tried my best to shop sales and use coupons, but I eventually just had to raise our grocery budget by about 20% (ouch!). Now that I’ve been shopping at Aldi, I’ve been able to stay within our old budget, which thrills me.

Have you ever shopped at Aldi? Where do you like to shop to get the best bargains?

7 Responses to “An Aldi Convert”

  1. Looks like a great store! I don’t think I’ve ever been to an Aldi. I shop mostly at teeter 🙂 And WFs/TJs for specific items

  2. So glad to see that you are an Aldi-lover as well! It’s pretty much the only store I shop at. You just can’t beat their prices. I love shopping there. Aldi’s prices are the best, even Walmart seems expensive compared to them! 🙂

  3. Oh, how I miss Harris Teeter!!

  4. Yes, I much prefer Aldi to Wal-Mart for several reasons–not only are the prices better, but the shopping experience is usually so much more pleasant!

  5. When I shop for special occasions for the homeless programs I work with, such as food-filled bags at Christmas, I have shopped at Aldi and saved a lot of $$. When you are buying for 200, it allows you to buy a lot more for the money. I should shop there more often. Their produce is quite good and I bought a cast iron Dutch oven that was just fine.

  6. Yes!! I started shopping at Aldi in January and now go every week. I save most with their produce.

  7. I go for the fruit the veggies normally aren’t to great at mine. I noticed some of the stuff has yucky ingredients HFCS but now they started the natural and organic lines so hoping my store gets more of those items.

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