As I mentioned last night, this morning marked my much-anticipated appointment with the orthopedist to discuss my nuisance of a hip injury. My short meeting with the doctor yielded a few interesting nuggets of information:

A stress fracture is unlikely. After being stretched in a million different contortions and having a few X-rays taken, it appears that my bones are in good shape…BUT I have been scheduled for a bone scan at a local hospital, just to be certain. X-rays often fail to detect tiny hairline fractures, particularly ones that have had an opportunity to heal for several weeks (as in my case).

I have the bones of teenager. While analyzing my X-rays, the doctor noticed something slightly irregular about my pelvis. My iliac crest (remember anatomy class?) is not yet completely fused, a phenomenon that usually occurs with the conclusion of puberty in females, between the ages of 16 and 18. I’m 23. Call me forever young. In all seriousness, this skeletal abnormality is likely the result of my experience with anorexia nervosa. Yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight, people! Your bones will thank you.

The final and perhaps most important finding from today’s appointment: I am asymmetric. I know, I know, I’ve talked about my left leg’s inexplicable greater circumference before—but today I was told that it’s longer too. Yep, lefty is a full centimeter longer, which likely has been causing excess stress on my left hip. After hearing the news, I did a little Google search and found this little bit of advice from Cool Running:

“If your doctor confirms that you have an uneven pelvis or unequal leg lengths, the solution will likely be to try to correct the problem with a heel lift on the short side. This may be as simple as putting a piece of 1/2″ foam rubber into your running shoe; a makeup sponge would probably be just right.”

I already have a few makeup sponges waiting for tomorrow’s run:)

Have you ever had a sports-related injury? Did you seek professional advice to treat it?

Alright, enough talk about me. Let’s get onto the grub.

Before heading out to my appointment, I made myself a batch of delicious Coconutty Carrot Cake Oat Bran. If any of you are Duke students, you can find this recipe (and many more) on the Cook’s Corner page.

Today’s lunch was an Ellie recipe, the Carrot, Green Apple, & Mint Salad.

My tweaks:

-I used vegan mayonnaise instead of regular, as that’s what I keep on hand.

-Agave nectar went into the mix instead of honey.

I really loved the flavors in this salad; the mint added a bit of an unexpected twist. It was a tad too sweet for me (I added more agave nectar than called for in the recipe), so next time I’ll cut down on the sweetener. Also, this salad just begs for a different kind crunch action—it would be phenomenal with the addition of walnuts!

This recipe is available online: Carrot, Green Apple, & Mint Salad.

For dinner, I made a quick BBQ tofu pizza, featuring that pumpkin BBQ sauce I found a few weeks ago. I had intended on adding some avocado chunks on top once the pizza came out of the oven, but apparently I was so hungry that I forgot!

Off to work on a stats test. Nighty night.


11 Responses to “Asymmetric”

  1. That pizza looks excellent 😉

  2. I hear ya, girl. I did a number on the bones with my own ED experience, but I’ve managed to regain a ton of density and have avoided injury as a runner (thank goodness). Glad your injury is under control, and sending love!

  3. But you’ve been running for so long virtually pain free…weird how problems can just creep up out of nowhere.

    I remember putting that recipe into Cook’s Corner :).

  4. Sorry about your struggles with your bones!! Wishing the best for you!!

    Also, did not know you were taking stats!! ME TOO.

    love that pizza and salad recipe too.


  5. So well put, Caroline! Eating disorders can definitely mess with your whole body and cause future problems if not dealt with early in life. I take good precautions to take care of myself and exercise and eat mindfully now, as due to my past.
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  6. ooh non-fused bones . . .maybe that means you can still get TALLER!!

    (we take ‘bone age’ X-rays in peds endocrinology all the time to see how much time kids have left to grow. we always look at growth plates in the hand, though – not sure what it means to have not fused in the hips!)

  7. AND, just thinking, it may actually be a good thing in that now your bones will have a longer time to accrue calcium/density . . . so perhaps the body was supersmart and was waiting until the nutrient availability would be optimum 🙂

  8. Injuries are very frustrating. I experienced my first running injury last fall, as I was training for a 1/2 marathon. Up to that point, I had never had any problems running. After that point, it seemed like everything start hurting. I did seek professional advice, and learned what to do to prevent and relieve the pain.

  9. My mom had polio as a baby, and as a result one of her legs is almost an inch shorter than the other. Those insole/lift things make a huge difference for her.

    That salad looks delicious!

  10. That pizza looks amazing. I think I know what’s for dinner!

  11. i feel like i might have some leg length uneveness myself. i get pain in one side of my hip when i walk for too long. but i’m scared to go to the doctor b/c i don’t want them to raise my premium. i have to pay for my own health insurance personally so i feel too scared to go!

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