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A couple months ago, the nice people over at Cedarlane Natural Foods contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out their products. I had seen Cedarlane in the Publix freezer aisle but never actually tried them, so I agreed. It ended up being a wise decision for a couple reasons. Seth recently took a new job that requires him to travel quite a bit, so it has been nice to have these frozen meals on those nights that I am simply to lazy to cook for just me. In addition to that convenience factor, I must say that eggplant parmesan is much tastier and just as easy as a PB + J sandwich!

We received five coupons for free Cedarlane products; we found the best selection at our local Publix. We ended up bringing home multiples of the garden vegetable lasagna, plus a chile relleno, and an eggplant parmesan.


Nutritionally speaking, I was pretty impressed with Cedarlane’s products. In particular, the sodium content was very reasonable for all of the items we tried—they ranged from about 400 to 600mg sodium per serving, which is remarkably low for the frozen foods aisle. Calories were low to moderate, and some of the dishes had decent fiber content too.


The ingredients lists were somewhat long, but I could identify most if not all of the ingredients. Plus, I really liked that many of the ingredients were organic.


As you might expect from a frozen meal, preparation was pretty easy. For the lasagna, I opted to heat them in the oven (as opposed to the microwave), and it took about a half hour to cook. The end result was a pretty darn delicious lasagna with a surprising amount of vegetables and the perfect amount of cheese.


When paired with a side salad, the lasagna made for a perfectly satisfying dinner. I can see myself keeping a couple of these lasagnas stocked in the freezer at all times for a quick and easy meal.


Special thanks to Cedarlane for providing samples for us to try!

Have you ever tried Cedarlane’s products? Which ones are your favorites?

Here’s a list of all the products they offer. I’m thinking we need to try the frittatas next!

4 Responses to “Cedarlane Natural Foods”

  1. How were the other selections you chose? I have seen them in the store and was wondering how the eggplant would be

  2. In all honesty, Seth ate the others. He claimed that they were a little on the salty side, but he liked the portion size.

  3. The lasagna looks pretty good! I’ll have to get this next time J is on travel

  4. Dear Caroline,

    I have been threatening to take my children to Broccoli Hut for years too! My children (ages 21 and 22 now) are still threatened with it. It has been an on going joke since they were 2 or 3 years old! They are coming to Raleigh next month and I told them we are going out to eat at Broccoli Hut again. I think its hilarious you are in Durham. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.


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