Congenital Cravings

Have you ever asked your mom about her pregnancy cravings? As an enthusiastic foodie and flagrant nutrition nerd, I’ve had this conversation with my mother many times. My fascination with the topic was recently heightened when I read an article in Chemical Senses (25: 729-737, 2000) which explained how fetuses learn odors from their pregnant mothers’ diets. Infants who had been exposed to specific odors in the womb through their mothers’ diets were found to prefer those same odors post-delivery.

So what were dear Mumsy’s prenatal cravings? Cottage cheese and baked potatoes. I went through a phase during high school in which I would often have baked potatoes for lunch and dinner (with ketchup and mustard, of all things), and my cottage cheese infatuation obsession has become particularly apparent over the past six months here at the B-Hut. Coincidence? I think not.

Today I decided to explore beyond my congenital cravings, however, and managed to eat neither cottage cheese nor baked potatoes…but then again, the night is still young.

I awoke bright and early this morning for a hilly run around the lake. Thanks to post-tubing soreness, it was a challenging workout. I came home to prepare a quick yogurt bowl for breakfast.

I was feeling a bit icky this afternoon, so I didn’t eat lunch before we left the lake to return to Birmingham. Big mistake. We didn’t arrive home until past 3PM at which point I was cranky and ready to eat anything in sight. I made a quick sandwich with Naturally More peanut butter and cherry preserves. A simple PBJ never tasted so good.

Once dinnertime rolled around, my appetite was once again in full force at which point I put together a agave-mustard chik wrap.

OK, I am off to read a few more pages of Emma. Ciao!


11 Responses to “Congenital Cravings”

  1. I have asked my Momma that question many times but I don’t think she had any specific ones. Bummer, huh? I was hoping to hear kefir, sunflower seed butter, muffins, and goat cheese or something 🙂

  2. My mom ate a lot of steak, eggs, ice cream, and fried food… and gained 80 lbs while she was pregnant with me! I swear it has something to do with why i love “bad for me” foods so much!

  3. That’s so cool! I don’t know what my mom ate. I know she was vegetarian while pregnant with me and I have never really gotten into meat. My brother and sister are both veggies too but I don’t know if she was vegetarian while pregnant with them (she’s not now, but I forget when she started eating meat – she hardly eats it at all though).

  4. Really cool info!
    My mom adored eating canned fish with veggies. Weird. I don’t like that really.
    I have to ask her a bit more. Maybe she loved peanuts 😀

  5. I’ve never asked my Mom that! I bet she craved a lot of sweets. I know I get my sweet tooth from her!

  6. What about congenital aversions? My mother, who is most definitely a carnivore, couldn’t even look at meat while she was pregnant with me. I think it explains a whole lot 🙂

    Is it your first time reading EMMA? I’m jealous if so.

  7. I think that topic is so incredibly interesting. My mom ate a ton of salads when she was expecting me. As in, she just couldn’t get enough of them. I think it explains a lot. 😉

  8. Oh gosh, I’m afraid the HEABlet is going to come out craving Peanut Butter Puffins and hot dogs. 😉

    So funny that you posted this today, b/c I just got an email about the fetus’s taste buds. Here’s the link to the article if you’re interested:

    Your food always looks so good – I swear whenever I read your blog, it’s like I’m flipping through a food magazine. You even make a simple PB & J sandwich look amazing…bet it tasted amazing too! Sometimes, the most simple lunches are the best. 🙂

  9. can i just say that your apple is cut PERFECTLY. like perfect.

    ugh i felt the same way yesterday! i waited for everyone to eat lunch because we were going out and by the time we ate i was a cranky friggn biotch. last time i wait for people haha.

    cherry & pb sounds SO yummmy 🙂

  10. I’ve never actually had that conversation with my mum before! i’ll have to enquire now…i’m curious! My friends mum had a baby 2 years back, and i remember she had massive cravings for Marshmallows…she could get throw 5 bags a day…and they were massive bags too! xx

  11. OMG, yes! I asked my mom how her pregnancy was, what her cravings were, etc. Her response, “YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! You’re pregnant!!!” Mine, “Nope, not a chance…just wondering why I love cheese and chocolate :-)”


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