Florida vs. California: Battle of the Avocado

When I arrived in Birmingham a few days ago, I was greeted with a fridge full of fruits and veggies, thoughtfully stocked by my kind mother. Among the fresh produce she chose was an avocado—but this was no ordinary avocado. It was big, green, smooth-skinned, and donned a label with the words “Slim-cado.” Being the nutrition nerd that I am, I decided to do a little research to determine how these strange avocados differed from the ones I buy week in and week out.

As it turns out, I am accustomed to buying California avocados, but this other type is actually a Florida avocado. According to an article by the Nutrition Diva, Florida and California avocados differ in terms of their taste and nutrition. California avocados boast a distinctively creamier taste, along with a larger Calorie price tag—about 50 Calories per ounce. Florida avocados, however, are less buttery with a reasonable 33 Calories per ounce. This difference in Calories is the reason behind the “Slim-cado” labeling. The two varieties also can be distinguished by appearance in that California avocados are generally smaller and darker-skinned than their Floridian counterparts.

I tried the Florida avocado today in my lunch (see below), and it was alright once I added a bit of salt on it. However, I much prefer the luscious buttery flavor of the California variety.

Have you ever tried a “Slim-cado?” Do you even like avocado? What’s your favorite avocado-centric recipe?

Rewind to this morning!

I made sure to prepare a hearty breakfast this morning in anticipation of a long travel day. Given my past experience with air travel, I was a little anxious about what kind of headaches the day would bring…

As per usual, I packed a lunch to enjoy amidst my travels. Due to some annoying flight delays, I was not able to enjoy this meal until well into the afternoon. Delta airlines, you suck.

With limited fresh ingredients in the apartment and even more limited energy, I decided to rely on Annie’s for dinner.

Good night, all!


15 Responses to “Florida vs. California: Battle of the Avocado”

  1. I have never heard of that kind of avacado before. I would love to try it though 🙂

  2. I <3 avocado 🙂

  3. CA love. Anything else is blasphemy. BTW about to make the PEAS AND THANK YOU banana bread…. Wish me luck

  4. Happy Birthday to Papa Broccoli Hut!!

    I’ve never had a slimcado, but, similar to you, I love the buttery richness of regular avocados!!

    happy Thursday darling!

  5. Ooh delish! Which kinds of nuts/seeds do you plan on using? (I happen to have read much of the book, page by page, on my flight home yesterday).

  6. I tried a Florida avocado once, but never again! I found it couldn’t live up to the California variety. Hope you had a good trip!

  7. I’m all about the Florida avocados.
    This has a lot to do with the fact that I am a florida girl.

    But, I also like how they stand up better in salads and I love avocado slices in my shrimp cocktail (I used to eat it with sour cream, too).

  8. Do they let you carry food onto the plane? I’m not sure I’ve ever tried…

  9. I didn’t now it was called a Slimcado, but I’ve tried both California and Floridas before, too. California (Haas?) are my favorites!

  10. Sure do, as long as there isn’t anything liquid or semi-liquid. That means no large containers of hummus or nut butter, but I’ve never been questioned about my sandwiches and wraps.

  11. No Florida avocados here. I imagine it doesn’t really make sense to import them from that far away, when Cali avocados would be much closer & therefore cheaper.

  12. Great to know! I’m flying in November and I’m going to take my own food. I’m inspired! =)
    P.S. I love to see what you eat everyday. It inspires me to eat better. Thanks!

  13. Agreed, California is way more buttery and rich tasting

  14. I bought 3 ‘Florida’ avocados yesterday for $5 and decided to eat one for lunch when I got home – just simple – cut in half – dash of salt – enjoy – except I DID NOT ENJOY – it was awful- had a watery texture to it and the flavor was nothing – no flavor – I was so disgusted I threw the others I had bought in the garbage and vowed to never buy them again – I love the buttery ones, and had bought other larger ones before, but they were still buttery (I have no idea what those were) – I will NOT be buying those Florida ones ever again – and I am a huge avocado fan !!!

  15. Totally agree–Florida avocados do NOT taste good! I buy only the California Hass ones–as you said, they’re so buttery and delicious!

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