Freedom from the Fork

My family has a tendency to inhale meals. Indeed, thanks to our turbo eating speeds, Thanksgiving dinner typically lasts no longer than 30-40 minutes. Unfortunately, this rapid eating style continues when I’m on my own too. During the school year in particular, I am often far too focused on the upcoming test or activity to truly savor my meal.

Accordingly, I have made several concerted efforts over the years to eat more mindfully—to dine rather than merely eat. One method I’ve adopted in the past to slow down mealtime is the use of chopsticks. In my experience, grasping pieces of food with two sticks of wood is slightly more challenging than stabbing them with a fork, thereby reducing the likelihood of the trademarked Yoder chow-down.

In looking over my meals today, I noticed that I never used a fork. Granted, the first two meals were eaten with my fingers, my utensils of choice. Nonetheless, dinner required occupied a reasonable 20+ minutes to consume thanks to the use of chopsticks. Bearing these results in mind, perhaps I’ll set up a Chopstick Challenge for myself (ala Katie).

Are you a fast eater? How often do you use chopsticks?

Let’s get onto the forkless meals:

Although there are utensils pictured below, I didn’t use them. Sometimes utensils seem far too fussy 🙂

In organizing the pantry last night after a Publix run, I noticed a lonely jar of roasted red peppers. Unsurprisingly, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus was on the lunch menu this afternoon.

Tonight’s dinner was a modified version of my beloved Peanut Butter Noodles recipe. Instead, I made a Peanut Butter Slaw dish, substituting broccoli slaw for noodles (and adding tofu, of course). Tasty.

Good night, lovelies!


13 Responses to “Freedom from the Fork”

  1. I just ate dinner with chopsticks! Except then I got tired of them and it turned into stabbing the tofu 🙂

  2. I try to eat slow and most of the time I do. When I am feeling pressed for time I speed eat. Having to eat between classes has to be faster then just eating a nice relaxing lunch.

    Chopsticks are fun. I have a pair but only use them for when I eat noodles. 🙂

  3. I was inspired by you to eat Kiwi with the skin on today :). Wasn’t bad!

  4. Aww Caroline, you are such a sweetie. Your well-written, engaging posts never fail to make me smile.
    And now I’m heading off to click on that “peanut butter noodle” linkie! 🙂

  5. I am a really fast eater! Haha you saw me at WF 😉

  6. i always stuff a few extra pairs of chopsticks in my bag when i go to get chinese food. they’re so fun!

  7. My family tends to inhale our food too. And you’re right. Chopsticks do wonders for this type of problem.

    I always seem to forget about using them, but will definitely make the effort once again. 😀

  8. I wish I had a chop sticks like of tools to slow me down 😉
    I must be part of your family, I eat way too fast! 😀

  9. Well growing up in an Asian family, all I ever really used were chopsticks 😛 Now I find myself using forks more. Freedom from the chopsticks for me! haha

  10. haha sometimes i don’t even utensil it when utensil should be required. i eat it cave man style 🙂 there’s no better way haha

    i like this chopstick idea though do iiiiiiiiit! eat your oats with chopsticks now that would be fun

  11. I don’t think i’ve EVER used chopsticks…so it would probably take me 3 days to eat the one meal to begin with if i decided to use them! xx

  12. i am not too good at using the sticks but i love them! they are fun!

    missed you!

  13. I’m a really slow eater, which I know is a blessing, but even so, the idea of eating with chopsticks sounds fun, and indeed it’s a great way to decelerate a meal!

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