Today was a happy day. Let me count the ways:

  • Several neighbors had their sprinklers turned on this morning during my run. I took a cue from dear Greta, and used them as opportunities to cool off.
  • As of 11:30 this morning, there are a mere 48 hours remaining until Seth arrives.
  • My bud the UPS man showed up with a welcome surprise. I foresee some muffin parfaits in my future…
  • And finally, a friendly red envelope arrived in my mailbox:

Indeed, today was a Glee-ful day.

What made you smile today?

In addition to the events listed above, my eats also induced a few smiles today. Check it out:

I decided to try out a new pancake recipe this morning…and it yielded fantastic results! Gina’s Perfect Protein Pancakes live up to their name:) (Side note: I used BioChem Vegan Protein for the protein powder).

After an appointment with the “lady doctor” (agh!), I came home to prepare a lunch featuring Green Goddess Hummus.

I had some pumpkin lurking in the fridge, so dinner was an obvious choice: Pumpkin Bulghur Chili. I wish it weren’t so tasty…maybe then I wouldn’t burn my mouth every time I eat it.

Alright, dirty laundry is beckoning from the hamper. Ta-ta for now.


13 Responses to “Glee-ful”

  1. Running through sprinklers sound like so much fun! Definitely the perfect way to cool off during a run 🙂

  2. So, I’m def. stealing your idea of running through the sprinklers. Except I’ll have to leave the ipod at home 🙂

    Maybe I should hop on the Glee train…everyone seems to love it!

  3. The eats look good, as always. Loving the protein pancakes– I’ll have to try here recipe! Yay that Seth comes in less than 48 hours…how exciting.

    Check out my blog, blog sister! I love reading and commenting yours, but start reading mine, even if it’s in it’s infancy stage compared to yours– hopefully it’ll get there!

  4. I’m singing “Reunited…and it feels so good.” I’m going to keep singing that until you see Seth again. 🙂

  5. WOOHOO for Glee!!! They’ve started to show Glee “music videos” on VH1 – crazy!

    I made a Broccoli Hut recipe the other day 😉 I’ll be posting about it soon!!

  6. I love playing in the sprinklers as I run! It makes it so much more fun. I read somewhere that exercise is really nothing more adults doing child’s play… but my neighbor (who just happened to be standing on the porch with his dog) still looked at me like I was crazy!

  7. seths arrival is so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so excited for you 🙂

    seriously they should think about strategically placing sprinklers in the gym..

  8. So many smiles! I love it. 😀

    One of my smiles of today was simply sitting in front of the fan and sipping my iced soy coffee in the middle of a hot summer day. It was delightful. :mrgreen:

  9. Glad you have had a lovely day! I LOVE getting packages…espescially DVDs! i remember when my “Silent Witness” collections came, i was in a super mood all day long!!

    today has been pretty uneventful for me today! i’ve just had a long tiring day at school! one thing that made me smile though was a substitute teacher telling me it was “lovely to meet me and i’m a right character”! i HOPE that was a compliment! made me smile anyway! xx

  10. I haven’t watched Glee – it is one of my summer projects!

    Have fun with Seth – enjoy the weekend!

  11. Yum! That chili looks awesome! Enjoy your Vitatops…those things are like heaven.

  12. Every time you make that chili, I make a mental note to try it. I must, I must!

  13. What a lovely pooch! You must love the owners.
    Do you think she would get along with Seth’s cat?
    Maybe they would both enjoy sprinkler games.

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