I Heart Banana

No, I am not devoting a post to banana, the fruit we all know and love (although that’s not a bad idea…). The title of this post refers to my deep love of a certain retailer of women’s apparel: Banana Republic.

While I enjoy shopping at this store year-round, it is most delightful to do so the weekend after Christmas, due to the abundance of markdowns on holiday merchandise. My experience this afternoon was no less successful than in years’ past; I scored two dresses (for about $28 each) and a ruffled blouse (for about $14).

Although I desperately wanted to play dress-up with my new wardrobe items this afternoon, but I resisted. Instead, I am simply imagining which shoes would look best with each item:)

Did you go shopping this weekend? Score any bargains?

Onto another one of my favorite subjects—food!


Thanks to far too many chocolate nibbles throughout the day, I decided on a fruity shake on Christmas night.


Saturday morning, I set my personal record for coldest run ever—33 degrees. Maybe someday I will actually be considered hard-core. Anyway, here’s what I refueled with:

Remember my Peanut Butter Barbecue Tofu recipe? Well, I had a craving for it yesterday, but I was far too lazy to actually heat up the oven and wait around for the tofu to bake. Instead, I made a PB-BBQ sauce with a few onions added in and smothered some tofu cubes with it. Plop it on a salad, and you’ve got lunch. Must say, it was far superior to the BBQ tofu salad I had last week.

Yesterday afternoon, the parentals and I headed to see Up in the Air, which I would recommend. Good music and a message that really resonated with me. Upon our return, I made a cheese-less pita pizza with tempeh bacon, pineapple, and bell peppers.

My chocolate cravings kicked in last night, just in time for smoothie time.


Fabulous bowl of oat bran this morning, complete with some dried apples from GC’s thoughtful Secret Santa gift. Yum.

Today’s lunch was a lazy girl’s version of my beloved Pumpkin Bulghur Chili. I used low-sodium V8 instead of tomatoes and corn instead of bulghur—no waiting around for grains to cook.

Lea and Ryan are returning from Atlanta today so we can have a belated Christmas celebration this evening. Accordingly, I am uncertain as to when I will be able to post, so you’ll just have to read about my dinner tomorrow night. Have a great week!


16 Responses to “I Heart Banana”

  1. Banana is my FAV. 🙂 I could live in Banana, Ralph Lauren Polo and BCBG. That would make me a happy (and poor) girl!!

  2. i went to the mall, and banana was SO PICKED OVER. i was so upset that i walked out with nothing, because all of your clothes are adorable!

    looks like you had a wonderful christmas, and i am totally digging that ruffled skirt. love all goods, and glad you got to have some fun!

  3. Sale at Banana Republic? Love it! : ) You got some great finds!

  4. Great finds at banana! i went there yesterday and returned a few items i got for xmas that didn’t fit, and i was so excited that it turned out to be worth quite a bit of store credit..yay! your meals look delicious! i was wondering about up in the air, now i want to go see it!

  5. LOVE your buys at Banana. such an awesome store 🙂

  6. bbq tofu sounds awesome. & i love all your buys- banana is cute 🙂 & i haven’t gone shopping yet… want to though!!

  7. I got SO much stuff from Banana Outlet this summer….an additional 50% off clearance items–CHA CHING!!!

    Those dresses are p-r-e-t-t-y!!

  8. you got so many good stuffs!!!! Great deals! 😀

  9. Hi!

    Great deal on the clothes! And don’t resist to play dress-up…it’s sooooo fun! :p

    You have the best salad in the blogging world…That bbq tofu salad rocks.


  10. Wow, all that food looks just delicious!!!

  11. LOVE Banana Republic! Those dresses are so cute! I got a pair of jeans from Macy’s for $20 yesterday – score 🙂

  12. I’ve actually never shopped at Banana Republic but those dresses are darling! I didn’t score too many after Christmas deals this year.. usually I do much better!

  13. looks like you got some great stuff!
    i avoided the malls – tooo many people

  14. I love Banana Republic, too. Such cute clothes. Looks like you found some great deals! Hooray for sales!

  15. holy smokes two dresses for $28!? thats amazing!! i’ll have to head over there asap!

    i love your tofu dishes – they always look SO good

  16. wow girl look at all the goodies you got! i went into banana the other day and found nada! booo

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