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Now What?

It’s not even 12 hours since my last exam as an undergraduate…and I’m already bored. As both my parents pointed out to me on separate occasions today, I have a whole week of unscheduled time before they arrive for graduation. What shall I do with this wealth of time? I attempted to combat boredom this afternoon by cleaning out my e-mail inbox and making a study-snack for my roommate (who still has a few more exams to complete). I also assembled a tentative list of activities to occupy my time over the next week:

  • Continue with my recipe development project—I’ve got four more to finish.
  • Catch up on all the television and magazine reading I’ve missed for, oh, the past 9 months.
  • Complete my graduate school applications…because this free-time can’t last forever.
  • Begin packing for the beach!

Any other suggestions? What do you like to do when you find yourself with unexpected leisure time?

While you’re brain-storming, I’ll provide you with a glimpse of today’s fuel:

Before flouncing off to my exam this morning, I poured myself a big bowl of my beloved GoLean. I shall never tire of this cereal—even though my dad says it looks like Kibbles N Bits, I lurve it.

After a celebratory run, I made myself a big salad using last night’s leftovers. Gasp! Caroline’s eating leftovers! The tofu was dang tasty straight from the fridge—no need for re-heating.

In addition to my recent  freezer foraging, I’ve also been digging through my cupboards. This evening I discovered a can of butternut squash puree, so I decided to throw it into my pot of chili, acting as a substitute for pumpkin in my favorite Pumpkin Bulgur Chili recipe.

Alright, I think it’s time I got started on my stack of Self magazines. Good night.


19 Responses to “Now What?”

  1. Another suggestion… catch up with you-know-who (and I don’t mean Brian Boitano ;) )

  2. The chili with pepitas sounds like such a fun combo.
    I honestly can’t offer advice but can really relate. Last night, I just felt useless. Good thing I got 2 paper assignments to do today(how that’s a good thing, I have no idea.)

  3. haha I know exactly what you mean. I’m always stressed out & busy but then the next week I’m bored to death.

    That grilled pineapple looks reallyyyy good

  4. Enjoy your time off :) mm mmm mm love the pepitas on top of that chili look awesome. Can’t wait to see your new recipes- any new hummus versions??

  5. Congrats on being done! Such a good feeling. I have a little more downtime now that my classes are over, but now I just feel like a regular worker; I still have a 40 hr work week, just no classes on the side. :-) I’ve been enjoying being outside a lot!

    Your ideas for free time sound great! I wish I were more creative with my recipes. I’m not so great at thinking up new ones.

  6. My goodness…that chili looks so delicious! When I have unexpected leisure time, I like to take a bubble bath while listening to music. It sounds sooo lame, but it is the most therapeutic thing ever. Also, if it’s nice out, a stroll with an iPod is also grand.

  7. What about starting to pack up your apartment! Are you staying there or moving back home?

  8. Here’s a few ideas:

    Read a book,
    Take a bubble bath with candles,
    Feng Shui a room,
    Go somewhere nearby that you always say you’ll go but never have,
    Go to a movie,
    Catch up with old friends,
    People watch in a coffee shop,
    Go shopping!,
    Go to a concert,
    Go to an art gallery,
    Have a girly night in with friends,
    Rearrange or organise your books/room or something,
    Volunteer for an afternoon with a charity,
    Get all dressed up and fancy and do your hair and make up all nice for just an ordinary day,
    Rent a box-set and challenge yourself to finish it,
    Do something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time,
    Go on a photo trip, just wander through the city or neighbourhood or whatever and capture the beautiful things you never noticed before,

    That’s just a few, let me know if you decide to do any of them. Free time is the best, don’t take it as something you have to do and make a chore of it, enjoy it, relish in it, it’s not as common out there in the real world as we all would like.

    Killian x

  9. ahh i know the feeling– of uneasiness and uncertainty.. but ENJOY the down time while it’s available. take full advantage of some self-care time :)

  10. soak in that free time while youve got it!! :)

  11. Congrats on finishing undergrad!!! What I do with leisure time: sleep, eat, work out, take a bath, go to cute coffee shop and read outside…

  12. I can totally relate! I wish I had a summer job, but it’s tough getting work for two months before class starts again. It’s tough…I’ll let you know if come up with anything. ;)

  13. hahaha kibbles and bits.

    :) it totally does btw, your dad is right. However- it looks FAB in that red bowl with the bright red fresh strawberries.

    Happy Weekend!!

  14. That grilled pineapple looks so good- do you just throw it on the George Foreman plain?

    Free time: catch up on blogs, read, pack (!)…what are your plans for summer?

  15. Congrats on being done! Try to enjoy it for a bit before you start planning again :-)

  16. congrats on being doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! the time will fly by so enjoy the nothingness while youve got it.

  17. Are you going to myrtle?!? :P I saw “packing for beach”

  18. Congratulations on your last exam!
    I also love Kashi GoLean, it is by far my favorite cereal ever, love, love the stuff!!

  19. I just posted about this, too… I have an unexpected surplus of time and want to be sure I use it efficiently… like, finally attacking that backlog of product reviews and reading lots of good books!

    Grilled pineapple is fabulous! I haven’t made any since last summer, so thanks for the reminder!

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