Pretty in Pink

Today I had the rare privilege of attending a baby shower. The mother-to-be is expecting a baby girl…so I spent the afternoon in a very pink daze.

This afternoon’s events got me to thinking about baby names. I’ve spent more time thinking about baby names than your average 22-year-old—my former roommate and I have probably spent hours discussing the topic over the course of our friendship (right, Alanna?). In the South, it’s traditional to name a child after the mother’s maiden name…but I think I’m going to have to break with tradition on that one. I mean, seriously? Yoder? That’s just asking for my kid to be teased. Instead, in accordance with my English-major background, I’ve always dreamed of naming my future children after my favorite literary heroines. Who knows? Ten years from now, there might be a baby Broc named Scarlett or Annabel Lee running around 😉

What are your favorite baby names? Or, if you are already a parent, what is the significance of your child’s name? While I derive endless enjoyment from reading about the heroines mentioned above, I’m not sure they’re exactly appropriate for children born after 1880.

Alright, onto the food!


After a 6 miler yesterday morning, I came home in the mood for a savory treat. Healthified McMuffin fit the bill.

For lunch, I made another Hugh Jass sandwich with tomato-basil hummus and shroomies.

Remember the lunch I had dreamed about on Thursday? It finally became a reality last night for dinner, with a little help from the GF.


After reading Heather’s post yesterday about the Magic Shell properties of coconut oil, I was craving coconut butter this morning. Coconutty Breakfast Pudding, please!

Before heading out the shower, I fueled up with a cheese-y egg white wrap. ‘Twas messy but so scrumptious.

By the time I returned home, I was so not in the mood to cook. Hence, a lame salad for dinner.

OK, I am off to get a little quality time with the fam. G’night!


22 Responses to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. Great eats! I am totally craving eggs for breakfast tomorrow 😉

  2. Awesome eats as always! Your GF grill marks always make me want to get one for myself.

    And you may have clashed, but, cute shoes 🙂

  3. Your salad doesn’t look lame to me, and messy wraps are always the best kind.

    Coconutty Breakfast Pudding – I could so dig into that right now…I think I need a late night snack. 😉

    The shower looks like so much fun. Loved all the little pink extra touches, and I bet the mama-to-be felt so loved.

    Names – CD and I had a boy’s name picked out before we even started talking kids, but the girls name was a bit of a struggle. I like the different kind of eclectic names, but CD is much more traditional. However, we were finally able to pick that we both love, and I got to choose the middle name. 🙂

  4. omg the food looks so beauitful… and delicious of course!

    have a great night!

  5. Ha ha! Yup i believe we have spent a far too many hours discussing that very topic…. and strangely … i was thinking all my names today for some reason! Cant wait till you get here!

  6. I’ve never thought about baby names… I think anything that resembles Zara/Mara/Lara sounds good to me 🙂
    great eats as usual~~~ 🙂

  7. Pink is my faaaavorite color!!
    As far as baby names go- I have always loved: Ajay, Layla, Madison, Avery, and most of all – Ettiene! I call dibs on that one- no taking! haha
    Also, I made your PB BBQ tofu! SO GOOD! Thanks for the recipe- I just blogged it 🙂

  8. You’ll enjoy this – my daughter is named Caroline 🙂 after my great-grandmother. I’ve loved the name since I was little!

  9. i love how the sandwich is bursting at its seams with delicious packed nom noms!! hehe and i love the elephant <3 too bad he didnt have a little pink scarf on huh!

    xoxo <3


  10. Wow…the shower looks like it was gorgeous. Everything is so adorable–LOVE the light pink and white combination. I think my favorite picture is of the petit fours, but I have to say I love your sister’s decoration. Haha, the diaper cake was genius.

    At the moment, I can’t even imagine having a kid. My best friend is a teen mom (she got pregnant when she was fifteen, she’ll be nineteen this year) so I have had to watch and listen to her struggles and I just don’t think I could handle a kid. To be perfectly honest, the idea freaks me out a bit…:/ But who knows, maybe one day I’ll change my mind.

    Favorite name, though? Celeste. Last winter I took a ballet class at my college and my partner/best friend in there had that name. :] She was too too sweet and I just love her name!

  11. What a great shower. Everything looks just perfect- from the gifts to the food! I love those diaper cakes. And a homemade stuffed animal is such a cute gift idea. HEABs creations are always inspiring, aren’t they??

  12. My son’s name is Matheus, which means “gift from God”.
    I always loved this name and was happy hen I found out I was having a boy. I love my son with all my heart, he is my life!
    Looked like a cute pink shower! Mom to be must have been the happiest ever!
    Love your eats too, as always!!

  13. WOW there’s an amazing chef behind that shower, that’s for sure!

    and I really like the name Frie (pronounced “Free”). I don’t know if it’s a legit name but I thought of it a long time ago and it’s sorta stuck in my head ever since. For a boy, I have no clue though.

  14. Awww…that has got to be the cutest baby shower ever! I love going to them, but I haven’t been in ages.

    I’ve always loved the name Shelby Rose. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea where it comes from. But I love it. 😀

  15. What a cute baby shower! I love all the pictures. The diaper cake was so cute. Your sister did an amazing job on that thing. She should consider selling those!

  16. awwwwwwwwwww…these are SUCH cute (and very pink) pics!!

  17. I have aways been fascinated by baby names and used to plan them out each and every month! Always loved the name Robynne and Cadence..oh and Lola too! I think my ultimate favourite name at the moment though is Eden. It’s so pretty!! I aways find girls names easier to come up with than boys names…i love the name Paris for a boy, however i don’t think i’d ever have the courage to name my lil fella that!
    Anway, i’m only 17 so lets just hope it’s a while til i have this dilema! xx

  18. Oh I LOVE concord grapes! And what a coincidence, I just had some today for the first time. At first bite I thought they tasted like blueberries. I agree, the seeds are a pain though.

  19. The decorations and the food are so incredibly adorbs. I keep my baby names secret so no one steals them! My friend in HS had the same name as her cousin because her aunt stole her mom’s baby name haha

  20. I think that is the prettiest baby shower I’ve ever seen. I love the cake – it’s adorable!

    I’ve always really liked the name Sophia for a girl but now all the sudden it’s getting really popular so I need a new, more unique name! But it’s okay – I have a while til I’ll need to figure that one out… 🙂

  21. holy. pink. explosion.

    i love it though i can’t lie that i secretly want that diaper cake or whatever it is hahahaha

  22. What an awesome baby shower and the diaper cake your sis made is so beautiful! Love it!! Oh I love thinking of baby names, and I really am hoping to have a girl when I have another kid! I want a beautiful pink baby shower just like this one!

    have a great day girl! xoxo

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