The Comparison Trap


Last April 29, I was one of the millions of people watching Will & Kate’s big wedding. I, like so many women was focused on the details of Kate’s appearance—her dress, her veil, her tiara…and her tiny waist.

So when I saw this article about Kate and Pippa and their potentially negative impact on young girls, my interest was piqued. As the article explains, it seems that the Middleton sisters have become “thinspiration” for young girls who aim to lose weight. Indeed, pictures of the two sisters are abundant on “pro-ana” (aka pro anorexia) sites.

Perhaps the reason that this article grabbed my attention is because I can somewhat identify with what these young girls see. I admit it—every time I see photos of Princess Catherine, I feel the urge to put down the peanut butter jar and lace up my running shoes; her waif-ish appearance leaves me feeling chunky by comparison. I, like so many others, fall prey to the comparison trap; I (needlessly) feel inferior to those who are young, beautiful, and thin. It’s times like these that I need to crank up my theme song to drown out the fat talk.

Do you ever fall into “the comparison trap?” How do you bolster your self-esteem? Repeat a mantra? Dance around naked? We won’t judge, I promise:)

In other news, I made some tasty eats today. Check ‘em out!

Sadly, my sunflower butter jar was near empty this morning. All is not lost though—at least I got to enjoy some oats in a jar.

Once home from the class, I made an Ellie recipe, Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Dip.

I used the dip as a spread for my wrap, and it made a delicious accompaniment to avocado and tofu. It probably doesn’t hurt that I love the smokiness of cumin, of which there is plenty in this recipe. I’ll be experimenting with other ways to enjoy the dip throughout the week.

After a rather torturous lab session, I practically busted down my apartment door to make some Coconut Black Beans. I had no mango, however, so I used pineapple instead. It was tasty, but I still prefer the original recipe.

OK, I am off to finish watching The Bachelorette! Good night all!


7 Responses to “The Comparison Trap”

  1. That dip sounds great! and pretty simple 🙂 definetly will be trying. Haha I have an empty almond butter jar, looks like my breakie tommorow will be amazing. I still need to try sunflower seed butter though…

  2. Dancing around naked is the way to go 😉

  3. I fall into the comparison trap a lot, but I remind myself that I am happy with my body and with myself as a person. Everyone has flaws and insecurities, but we mainly focus on our own and don’t see other people’s. Eveyone is different and appearance isn’t everything! Even in hollywood, celebraties are all shapes and sizes; Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian aren’t super skinny but many people think they’re beautiful! I think the best way to beat the comparison trap is to work out. It boosts my self confidence and makes me feel strong mentally and physically. Great post!

  4. I journal, do yoga, or practice positive self body talk to ward off the negative body image talk. It seems to help a lot! We’re all so different and not supposed to look a like and you never know what’s happening to someone who doesn’t look healthy 🙂

  5. The pictures of your delicious food >the pictures of tiny waists (0:

    Best part about embracing your body? The food here is really good.

  6. What a great post, I too fall into this comparison trap and find myself constantly comparing myself to girls that are just unattainably thin. Best thing to do is just live healthy and believe you are beautiful, no matter what the Hollywood standard is! Your roasted red pepper dip looks fantastic! 🙂

  7. I remind myself that beauty is THE most subjective thing. I’m me, I don’t see why I should follow society’s expectations about it. If i didn’t have a saying in the rules of what’s beautiful then I don’t have to follow them. (this kind of statement only applies to stuff that can’t harm anybody)

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