The Secret’s Out

Last spring, some of you may recall that I showed a few dishes on the blog for which I couldn’t reveal the ingredients. These items were for a “top-secret” recipe project. As of today, however, the secret is out—I’m one of seven bloggers featured on Peanut Butter & Company’s All-Star Recipe Blog! Yeah, as if you didn’t already know that I’m an all-star.

Today marked the official launch of the recipe blog, and you’ll notice that three of my recipes have already been posted:

Click, click, click! All of the recipes I developed are intended for peanut butter addicts (like myself) who want to enjoy this wonder food in the healthiest ways possible. Stay tuned for more of my recipes to be posted on the All-Star blog!

What’s your favorite use for peanut butter?

Speaking of peanut butter, I might have treated myself to a good dose of it today…

In the middle of my run this morning, I received a call from the internet repairman. Within thirty minutes, I was delighted to discover that I had a functional internet connection again! I was so happy that I kinda wanted to kiss the repairman when he was done. But I didn’t. Instead, I made a celebratory batch of Oats in a Jar!

Work and class were on the agenda again today, so I packed a taco salad for lunch. I thought the crumbled corn chips were a genius addition…until lunchtime. Caroline the Genius failed to realize that chips get soggy in the refrigerator. Doh!

Oddly enough, I found myself craving Brussels sprouts on my drive home. Never one to deny my cravings, I re-heated last night’s leftovers and baked my spaghetti squash. The result? A truly fantastic veggie plate. Yummage.

Alright, off to enjoy the evening with Sethski. G’night!


14 Responses to “The Secret’s Out”

  1. MAJOR congratulations on the recipe features!!!

  2. I saw this earlier!! 😀

    congrats – that is exciting – you’re a ROCKstar!

  3. That’s awesome about the blog! The recipes look great 🙂

    And ughhh to no internet. Mine goes out every so often and it makes me realize how dependent on internet I am! Sad.

  4. Congrats! That is AWESOME!

  5. Congrats on the recipeS!! super cool! and mmmmmmmmmmm that salad! I WANT!

  6. that is exciting!! congrats 🙂

  7. Wow gurl, that’s SOOOOO exciting. I first say your status about this on FB, and I thought it was just a link to your new blog post. You caught me wrong– I looked it all over already. Mmm, I wish I was on PB&COs “all star recipe blog list”.
    You one lucky, lucky girl 🙂

    Where are you working–besides school, I do know that’s a full-time job– by the way? Do share your new job!

  8. You are a super star! And I’ve got to find a way to veganize those PB Graham Cookie Bars! Yum.

  9. YAY Caroline!! I’m so happy for you!

    I’m actually not a big fan of PB…I just prefer the gritty, earthy taste of almond butter, or the smooth mild taste of cashew butter.

  10. Congratulations on the featured recipes! They sound amazing, especially the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Shake! 🙂

  11. great PB creations!! 😀

  12. What a star!

  13. Congrats on the gig! It’s tremendously well deserved, young lady.

  14. ahh thats so exciting! congrats :]

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