Wii ≠ Reality

Today’s conclusion? Wii ≠ reality.

Last night, Seth and I went bowling. Now, it’s been several years since I last laid my hands on a bowling ball. However, I happen to be pretty baller at Wii bowling. According to my flawed logic, Wii bowling should serve as an indication of actual bowling talent. FALSE.

My spastic ways were on full display last night; I’m not even going to disclose my shameful score for the evening. Seth, however, is pretty skilled at bowling. Translation: cranky Caroline. My competitive streak got the best of me, and I was a total poop. Obviously, I now regret my sore loser mentality. In addition to my lack of flexibility, excessive competitiveness is yet another dimension of my personality I’d like to change in the future.

How about you? Are you a competitive person?

Despite my grumpy ‘tude, my tummy has been kept quite happy lately:


Vegan gumbo! True to my Southern roots, I love me some okra action.

Vegan Thursday

Banana+ dates + almonds = one fab combo.

Lunch featured a Salad Lady creation, Curried Tofu Salad, accompanied by some butternut squash soup (to which I added some curry powder). Perfectly satisfying lunch:)

Now I am off for another round of berry tripping with the dining committee. Check tomorrow for details!


20 Responses to “Wii ≠ Reality”

  1. LOL oh goodness, we woul ake the perfect person if we were fused into one. I am the worst wii bowler on the planet! No joke; I’m absolutely awful!
    Happy Thursday, Caroline!

  2. Aw, practice makes perfect my sweet 🙂 cute date idea!

  3. Berry tripping sounds very interesting!

    I haven’t been bowling in years but I am horrible at it – it is a lot of fun though. My husband is a great bowler so I hate going with him – I get competitive even though I know I’m horrible.

  4. Hahaha! I love the title of this post. So freaking true.

  5. ah i forgot to do vegan thursday today, next week for sure! haha i can be a total sore loser too, but i’m better about it now than i used to be.

  6. I’m much better at wii bowling than real bowling!

    That vegan gumbo looks to die for! Must recreate this for myself 🙂

    Have a great night!

  7. banana dates and almonds sounds beyond fabulous! I LOVE the pics of your food, it is so beautiful like a work of art 🙂

  8. haha! wii is for sure not reality proven by my tennis skillz. which are NEGATIVE. i get so grumpy when i bowl because i suck at it and i hate sucking at it!

  9. I’m a very competitive person 🙂 I have yet to try the Wii but it sounds like something I’d like!

    I also loveee me some southern food

  10. haha oh man i wish i was as good at real sports as i am on the wii!

  11. AHHH bowling. I scored a 40 (or was it a 20?) while bowling once, so I’m pretty awful.

    I almost went to the berry tripping thing! But decided not to at the last minute because I felt like I didn’t know anyone there :[ if I had known you would be there I would have gone! I hope it was fun!

  12. We shouldn’t go bowling together. I’m the Gutter Queen, and if we ever become a team, I might make you look better. Actually, maybe we should go bowling together, and you’ll look so much better next to me! Haha!

  13. I’m competitive on things that i’m good, but I don’t care those that I know I haven’t practiced or have no interest… like bowling. hahah… it’s a matter of practice, right?

  14. I’m actually not a competetive person at all, and sometimes I wish I had more of it! Although there are certain times when I feel a streek of competitiveness that not even I knew I had. :mrgreen:

  15. I am much better at the wii bowling than in the real game also! 🙂
    Your tofu salads always look so yummy!
    So, Caroline, have you really stopped drinking your smoothies? I kinda miss seeing your concoctions, they were inspirational! (love smoothies too!)

  16. ahha love wii bowling!! i am a competitive perosn for sure

  17. i am WAY TOO competitive, haha! i was the annoying girl in high school who got mad when she lost a review game in math class. i am not proud of that fact, but it is what it is 🙂

    vegan gumbo = amazing. i need to start bookmarking your recipes. i literally may do a week of “eating like…” posts…gah, that is genius! i AM going to do that!

  18. I”ve never played Wii bowling, but I need bumpers for the real thing! I’m not too competitive with sports, except during races when people are at the same pace as I am and pass me by!

  19. Haha I was playing Wii sports with my boyfriend not too long ago, and he beat me in every game but one so I was a pretty sore loser. I am a bit too competitive too, even if I am decent at hiding it 😉 I just want to try to be the best I can be at everything I do, which sounds like a good thing but it adds a lot of stress and unnecessary seriousness 😛

  20. i love me some okra AND Wii

    hope you are staying warm and safe in all this white stuff…

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