Mission Accomplished

As I mentioned yesterday and Tweeted earlier today, my day’s mission was to find a new smoothie receptacle. I had grown tired of my junky plastic cups–they’re just not very photogenic, and considering how often I post smoothie pics (aka DAILY), I figured it was time to search for a more attractive way to present my blended concoctions. After a little digging in my mom’s crystal collection and a trip to Wal-Mart, I came up with four choices:CIMG8950

The two farthest to the left are technically flower vases, largely due to the fact that 28 oz glasses are a bit difficult to find–doesn’t anyone else in this world eat Hugh Jass smoothies?! Sheesh. My question is this: Which one do you like best? Which one shall become the Broccoli Hut smoothie cup?

To fuel my vigorous dish-shopping, I managed to grab some pretty tasty eats:


Doesn’t the chocolate syrup kind of resemble a winking smiley face?

choco-straw-nana shake with soymilk, chocolate HempShake, wheat germ, & chocolate syrup

choco-straw-nana shake with soymilk, chocolate HempShake, wheat germ, & chocolate syrup


Several months ago, a reader suggested that I try CCV‘s Banana Bread in a Bowl. I tried it one morning, and I was hooked. Ever since, I’ve had fun experimenting to create the perfect consistency to suit my taste. It had been far too long since my last banana blender concoction, so it made an appearance at the breakfast table this morning. This variation included GoLean, frozen banana, unsweetened hemp milk, almonds, cinnamon, coconut extract, and unsweetened coconut. PERF.

Banana Blender Cereal with GoLean, almonds, coconut extract, cinnamon & coconut

Banana Blender Cereal with GoLean, almonds, coconut extract, cinnamon & coconut

glorious breakfast pudding

glorious breakfast pudding


This morning, I found a refreshing surprise on my doorstep:



It didn’t take me long to dig into that kombucha goodness…

"Citrus" flavor

"Citrus" flavor

Citrus is a winner! I’ll keep you updated on the other flavors:) THANKS TO GT‘S for sending me these samples!

Not gonna lie, this salad was pretty awesome. Rachel‘s, you never fail me. Now I understand the nut butter-stuffed date craze–they’re like bundles of crazy joy for your mouth.

Greek Salad: Romaine with cukes, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, chickpeas, & Rachel's Cucumber Dill cottage cheese; Ak Maks; dates & raw cashew butter

Greek Salad: Romaine with cukes, tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, chickpeas, & Rachel's Cucumber Dill cottage cheese; Ak Maks; dates & raw cashew butter


I have a confession to make: I’ve never had a crunchy taco. When I found these taco shells, I knew it was time to rectify the situation. They have only TWO ingredients: corn flour and oil. Can’t beat that with a stick. I cooked the tofu filling in lemon juice, cumin, chili powder, and ground red pepper.

fabulously simple taco shells

fabulously simple taco shells

Citrus Tofu Tacos with salsa & fresh cilantro; peppers & onions; salad; mango

Citrus Tofu Tacos with salsa & fresh cilantro; peppers & onions; salad; mango

fresh from the assembly line

fresh from the assembly line


Now I am off to watch the MJ and Farrah specials…may they rest in peace. Good night, all.

31 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Christina said,

    I vote for the second “glass.” I like its shape!

    And yay for Kombucha. I’ve seen these around and can’t wait to hear more of what you think!

  2. 2

    gymratfoodie said,

    Ahhh! CIlantro! I love cilantro in ANYTHING. I like the smoothie cup on the left. It looks like it’s the biggest and most stately😀
    The one on the middle/right is neat too. I dig the rings.

    Your oatmeal bowl is quite nice too… I never noticed the accents before!

  3. 3

    Maria said,

    I like the 3rd cup the best because of the swirl factor, but the first one is kind of nice too (definitely huge!). Your tacos look amazingly good (the blue looks great with all the other ingredients), and the assembly line is adorable🙂. I must try Katie’s blended cereal–looks similar to my beloved oatmeal. Love love love kombucha!!! Enough said. Good night to you too!

  4. 4

    Emily said,

    Ooh, I love kombucha! I wish it wasn’t so expensive😦 I could def drink it every day.

    The blue tacos are so pretty!

  5. 5

    Sweet and Fit said,

    I’m likin’ the cup/vase second from the left – hugh jass smoothies necessitate a sweet lookin receptecle!

  6. 6

    janetha said,

    cool cups! and i love those shells. yum.

  7. 7

    That is the cutest shake I may have ever seen!!!😉

  8. 8

    mayapamela said,

    I’ll have to try the banana bread in a bowl idea, I’m a big fan of all things doughy in baked goods, and it sounds like a doughy banana bread! I like the second glass the best.

  9. 9

    those oats sound absolutely amazing!!! Banana bread anything kind of grabs my attention….mmm bananas!

    That salad looks rather delicious! Greek salad never fails!

    And wohoo for trying hard shell tacos! I haven’t had one in the longest time…I just never really ate them. Blue Corn tortillas are the best, though, so I would imagine they’d be good.

  10. 10

    homegirlcaneat said,

    Never had a crunchy taco???? I grew up on those fried badboys!🙂 I am craving Mexican food after this post and someone’s post I just read! LOVE that amazing cuisine of salsa, guac, and beans!

  11. 11

    Roses R Red said,

    I love the look of your choco-straw-nana shake! YUM!

  12. 12

    coco said,

    I like the second one! It’s simple but pretty!🙂

  13. 14

    ksgoodeats said,

    I like the 2nd in from the left – funky!! I would like those tacos in my stomach asap! I haven’t had a taco in ages!

    Thanks for the email re: smoothies! I popped a naner in the freezer this morning😉

  14. 15

    adrienne said,

    I love Kombucha! Cranberry is my favorite. I would love to open my door and find a box of Kombucha🙂

  15. 16

    ~Jessica~ said,

    Definitely the glass second from the left ~ it’s so modern and chic.

    All of your food is so photogenic and beautiful!

  16. 17

    My smoothies are definitely Hugh Jass. They are usually 32 ounces (I use lots of water), and I drink them out of Ball canning jars – you can get a box of 12 at your local grocery, and they’re supa cheap!

    I’ve never had those taco shells, but they sound perfect. Love the simple ingredients. I usually just buy tortilla chips as I love crumbling them over salads.


  17. 18

    bhealthier said,

    I think you should have at least two in case one is dirty. I like the two on the left – the two vases. I like the second one the best I think but then again , I think the first is more “broccoli style”.

    those taco’s look delicious as does your salad AND… I totally see the winking smiley

  18. 19

    I like all of them! Oy, that’s a cop-out answer. But I’m a sucker for cute dishes/cups Ok, how about the swirly one second from the right?

    Loooooove kombucha! I wish it didn’t go flat so fast, though.

    Oh my gosh, Caroline, you are just too awesome!! Can I feature your awesomeness in a future post?

  19. 20

    Krista said,

    I really like the one on the left!

    Great score on the Kombucha!

  20. 21

    second from the left gets my vote! I like the shape!

    I had never heard of SOFT tacos until I moved to NY when I was 21- I grew up eating crunchy ones and didn’t think there was any other kind😀

  21. 22

    A said,

    Flower vase/ glass…. SAME THING!! I like the one on the far left! Also, I keep seeing kombucha everywhere but I haven’t tried it yet.

  22. 23

    I like the glass second from the right fo sho. Hugh Jass smoothie = only way to go. Enjoy your kombucha! I nearly died of happiness when I got a similar box a while back. Still mourning it being all gone. Also mourning MJ. :(((

  23. 24

    Shelby said,

    Lucky Kombucha girl!!! YUM!

    Love the blended b-fast. I need to make some ASAP!

  24. 25

    April (Foods of April) said,

    Did you blend actual cereal? it looks good!

    And I like the first glass/vase best!

  25. 26

    CurlyTop said,


    I vote glass #2! So simple and modern and PERFECT for you!

    With Love,


  26. 27

    Kailey said,

    i love seeing your different shake combos! they always sound amazing🙂
    what a fresh looking salad too! love that you used chickpeas.

  27. 28

    Danielle said,

    Oooh pretty🙂 I like the first glass best!

  28. 29

    glidingcalm said,

    smoothie glasses!!!!!!!!! PURTY!

    love the tacos too!!

    ive been watching MJ specials also! it’s so sad, but i can’t lie……i am LOVING listening to the radio right now!! so much good music!!

  29. 30

    Damjana said,

    They’re all very pretty but the third one is my favorite.
    Great idea with banana bread cereal

  30. 31

    […] concoctions keep getting bigger by the day. This could be a problem, considering I did not bring my jumbo flower vase to school. peach-banana smoothie with banana Spirutein, soymilk, & pumpkin flax […]

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