The One and Only…

Announcing the newest breakfast staple…

the one and only broccolios...

the one and only broccolios...

Broccolios! A few weeks ago, I entered Katie‘s pancake recipe contest (submitting this recipe). By the grace of the random integer gods, I won, and my prize was a Photoshop masterpiece of my choosing from Katie herself. What you see above is the final result. I mean, who wouldn’t love broccoli for breakfast? OK, maybe that’s just me.

Although a bowl of Broccolios was sadly not on the menu today, I did manage to squeeze in some of my favorite veggie otherwise, along with a few other tasty eats:


My canisters of hemp protein arrived yesterday, so get ready for some hemp-lovin’.

choco-berry shake with strawberries, chocolate HempShake, soymilk, & raw oats

choco-berry shake with strawberries, chocolate HempShake, soymilk, & raw oats


Speaking of a certain chocolate-covered chica, I used one of her recipes this morning: Banana Butter. Last night, I used my magical hand blender to whip up some banana and raw almond butter, then let it sit in the fridge over night. It made for quite the delicious spread on my toast. So simple, yet so glorious.

toast with CCV's Banana Butter; peach-panana-blueberry smoothie

toast with CCV's Banana Butter; peach-panana-blueberry smoothie


For as much hummus experimentation as I have done over the past several months, why has it taken me so long to use my favorite veggie as the star ingredient? Broccoli Hummus was born this afternoon, and I suspect that it will make repeat appearances in the future…Check out the hummus page for the recipe.

broccoli hummus with veggies & whole wheat pita; orange

broccoli hummus with veggies & whole wheat pita; orange


Peanut butter and tofu. Two of the world’s most perfect foods, united in a symphony of flavor.

Peanut Butter Noodles with tofu & mushrooms; salad; frozen grapes

Peanut Butter Noodles with tofu & mushrooms; salad; frozen grapes


Before I go, I want to show you what the mailman brought me today:

reunited at last!

reunited at last!

Remember this post, in which I desperately cried out for Cream of Wheat? Well, Carolyn came to my aid, and I am forever grateful for her kindness. My world is now right again. THANK YOU, CAROLYN!

Off to let visions of Cream of Wheat dance in my head. Good night.


27 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    VeggieGirl said,

    HA!! That is just too freaking awesome😀

  2. 2

    Holly said,

    LOVE the cereal box! i am now convinced i also need to make banana butter – i was a bit hesitant at first but you convinced. gosh, broccoli hummus. i can’t take it – your hummus skills get better and better!

    happy night to you!

  3. 3

    julie said,

    SO many delicious things about this post!

    broccoli hummus? um what. that’s genius.

    banana butter! ANOTHER genius.

    now I’m hungry.

  4. 4

    What?! You mean you didn’t indulge in broccoli-os for breakfast? Oh well, broccoli hummus sounds way more appealing anyway.

    Seriously, though, your sense of humor never fails to crack me up. And your smoothies never fail to make me hungry. I think you might like your magic bullet even more than I do, which is saying something.

    And now I’m craving pb noodles like none other. If you ever open a restaurant, I’ll be first in line!

  5. 5

    Mitri said,

    Broccoli-os = hilarious😛 I was thoroughly confused when I first saw the image, like I had entered a parallel universe.

  6. 6

    GC said,

    that cereal box is just too cute! although I would think they’d have quite an interesting taste, haha!

    And the broccoli hummus looks yummy! I just made some of the spinach hummus listed on your hummus recipes page, and I ran out of dried basil but I had some fresh basil in the fridge! But I think I overdid the basil just a tadddddd bit, because boy did that hummus have a strong basil aroma! But still good, nonetheless!

  7. 7

    Christina said,

    I love the Broccoli O’s box! I’m so gullible, I thought they were real when I first saw the box. I can’t imagine parents trying to get their kids to eat those!

  8. 8

    Maria said,

    Haha the Broccolios is super cute! Love the broccoli hummus too. You know I will try it soon enough😉

  9. 9

    lizzy said,

    wooohoo for hemp lovin’ and broccoli hummus! looks like you had a great foodie day, im sure your super excited to be re-united with your fav Cream of Wheat! We have that specific kind at the Bel-Air I shop at, so let me know if you ever run out!!

  10. 10

    mayapamela said,

    After eating chocolate Amazing Grass with my PB puffins, I’m sure broccoli mixed correctly with Cheerios wouldn’t be so bad! Maybe throwing in some chocolate would help!

  11. 11

    devan said,

    peanut butter+tofu.

    your broccoli box.
    so tres cute


  12. 12

    burpexcuzme said,

    How sweet of Carolyn!
    and haha, I just had a bowl of broccoli…I thought of you, of course!🙂

  13. 13

    Shelby said,

    Haha, LOVE Broccolios, I would eat that everyday for b-fast!

  14. 14

    april said,

    What a cute cereal! I wonder how many kids would ask their mom for that??🙂

  15. 15

    Haha… I would buy Broccolios if I saw them! Congrats on winning!

    Broccoli hummus sounds pretty amazing… My favourite veg. I think.

  16. 16

    Erica said,

    hahah I’d totally eat broccoli for breakfast=deliciousness😉 Broccoli hummus? That sounds fantastic. I love your mixed dipper lunch- I want to do that today. Thanks for the bday wishes lurve!

  17. 17

    Evan Thomas said,

    LOL I don’t know how many kids would be grabbing for that box but it is hilarious

  18. 18

    balancejoyanddelicias said,

    that’s an awesome prize!!! Congrats!!!😀

  19. 19

    verbalriot said,

    HHAHAHHA when I first saw that cereal I was like NO WAY! BROCCOLI CEREAL?!

    But on second thought, maybe Kashi should work on inventing that😉

  20. 20

    janetha said,

    oh i love the creation katie made you! it is super cute. and broccoli hummus?! that never occurred to me. how fabulous. so glad you got your COW! not to be confused with the cows that go “moo”

  21. 21

    I cant eat soy or wheat, so your tofu and noddles is not on my radar screen these days but in a former life….with PB, oh my, that looks reallyyyy good!

    Cute broccolio’s, too🙂

  22. 22

    Katie certainly is a one-and-only personality–I love her photoshop skizzles! I also love her banana butter idea. I blended a banana into the almond pulp from making almond milk and it is pretty much the most glorious paste ever. Especially good stuffed into dates.🙂

  23. 23

    […] my elation at receiving my Cream of Wheat yesterday, it probably goes without saying that I had a bowl for breakfast this morning. I kept it old school […]

  24. 24

    glidingcalm said,

    id totally eat those for breakfast. oh wait, i already do eat broccoli for breakfast!

  25. 25

    you are an absolute genius with that broccoli hummus! You should start a hummus company and sell it..I would def buy!🙂

  26. 26

    Marianne said,

    Peanut butter, tofu, mushrooms, & noodles? Sounds like basically the perfect noodle dish to me😀 Probably because I love me some peanut butter noodles and love me some mushrooms. And because no one else here would eat it😉 More for me!

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